Sunday, 14 December 2008

Wiggle - Day 179

Wiggle and Sir H have been out today for a very lovely walk at Westonbirt Arboretum. Amy, one of the Oldies Club volunteers, had arranged a pre-Christmas walk so a whole group of us met up.
Quite a few people today had been at the Oldies Club camping weekend back in the summer, and for a few, it was the first time they'd seen Wiggle since then, so they could really see how different he is looking these days!

Wiggle now has a new girlfriend, Saffy, the lovely Labrador who belongs to Andrea. Saffy and Wiggle met at the camping weekend but at the time Saffy wasn't so keen on Wiggle. However, now Wiggle is looking so handsome, Saffy wanted to spend most of the walk playing and fetching the ball with Wiggle. A match made in tennis ball heaven!

Sir H enjoyed having an audience for poorly paw waving and was happy when he found several muddy puddles.

The start of the walk:

Lots of mad running:

Waiting for the ball to be thrown

Wiggle & Saffy

Happy Labradors in a muddy puddle

Sir H's muddy bum!

And to warm up, coffee at the end of the walk

We really have had a lovely day and it was great to meet up with so many friends and their dogs. Wiggle and Sir H have had their dinner and are now fast asleep....

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