Monday, 8 December 2008

Wiggle - Day 173

A quiet day here for the boys as I'm working nights. Both Wiggle and Sir H have been good and let me sleep during the day, although Wiggle did come upstairs and spend several minutes trying to persuade me that he should sleep on the bed with me!

This evening I shall be calling in at the vets to collect some more of the Atopica for Wiggle. Although he is looking really, really good right now, he still needs 50mg each day. Hopefully in a month or two I can drop it down to every other day, but we need to make sure his immune system is no longer reacting to the allergens.

I've been busy being Wiggle's secretary and taking care of his Christmas card list. Wiggle's sponsors and supporters will be receiving a little something in the post from the handsome chap himself in the next few days.

And on a purely personal note, hello to David and Nadean - my aunt and uncle in Barbados. I know you read Wiggle's blog, so while you're basking in the sunshine, I hope seeing the frosty photo's recently have reminded you of how cold it can get there!!! Mind you, its not so cold now as I type this; its raining.

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