Thursday, 18 December 2008

Wiggle - Day 183

I am officially mortified. And ashamed. Wiggle, he who is normally such a good boy managed to embarass me this evening at the vets. He poo'd in reception!

Wiggle has never done anything so shameful before but to his credit, he did at least manage to look very embarassed and redeemed himself by being very cute, jumping up at the counter to get some treats from the lovely receptionist.

I'd popped into the vets to sort some paperwork out and also get him weighed so perhaps Wiggle thought it best to try and be as light as possible! I am happy to report that Wiggle weighed in at a healthy 32.2Kg's, so thats good.

After their evening walk, Sir H took himself back to bed while Wiggle decided he wasn't ready to rest so spent some quality time playing with toys.

First, it was the orange tennis ball

Next up for a good chew, it was the white Nylabone ring

But being fickle, Wiggle got bored of that and had a chew of the brown Nylabone

I thought Wiggle was done with playing, but noticed he had taken the orange tennis ball up on the sofa with him (keeping it safe by sitting on it)

The sofa-break was only short though, and Wiggle hopped off and onto his bed

The tennis ball was being thoroughly chewed....

Notice how the tennis ball is no longer quite so ball-shaped?!

After jumping out of bed and onto the rug, Wiggle was unimpressed when the ball rolled away from him....

It seems that these last few hours have been far too exciting as Wiggle is now fast asleep on the sofa!

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