Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Wiggle - Day 175

Wiggle and Sir H have been up on the Downs this afternoon. Wiggle managed to play with his ball without any dental accidents, I'm pleased to report. Wiggle did get a bit confused at one point after not realising that I was holding the ball still, but as the video shows, he loves running around!

Sir H showed very little excitement to be out and about....

Then we came home and Wiggle used the "I shall glare at you til you feed me" technique!

Both boys had to wait until they'd calmed down from their walk. Now they've been fed, the sulking has stopped and both Wiggle and Sir H are fast asleep.

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Minnie-Moo said...

Wiggle you look so happy and shiny!

Thank you so much for your Christmas card. We are all SO overjoyed that you will be having such a wonderful Christmas this year. Make sure to get some roast potatoes, I've heard they're really good!

Lots of love,

M-M and family