Sunday, 14 September 2008

Wiggle - LRSE&C Dog of The Year 2008

Today we have been at the LRSE&C Dogs Party. After the sadness of Dolly's passing on Friday, it was nice for Wiggle to get out for the day and get lots of fuss and even more fantastic when he was awarded Dog of The Year.


Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

It must have been quite a day for you both, tinged with sadness at the passing of Dolly.
Wiggle is a worthy winner of the title "Dog of the Year"
He really is a credit to you Wendy, looking at the before and after photos on his blog, you wouldn't believe they were of the same dog.
Give him a hug from me.
Thinking of you both.

Stebel Labradors said...

Well done, Wiggle. It was lovely to see you in such good form on Sunday at the rescue dogs' reunion despite the recent sadness of losing your friend Dolly.

You follow some very distinguished holders of the "Dog of the Year" award, so wear your well-deserved title with pride!

Pat and Colin Harrison
Stebel Labradors