Monday, 15 September 2008

Wiggle - It's Official

Wiggle is no longer a foster dog - he's staying here with me!

I always knew Wiggle would be very hard to give up as he's such a fantastic boy - affectionate, well behaved, sociable and gets on well with Sir H. Waking me up on Friday when Dolly was slipping away was a very special thing and for that reason alone, I couldn't possibly let him go.

I originally started this blog to keep track of Wiggle's progress while he was in my care but I'll keep updating with news of what he's been up to and how he is getting on while he's still being treated for his skin condition.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to LRSE&C for taking Wiggle on and making sure he got the veterinary care he so desperately needed and to everyone who has wished him well, not just here on this blog but also on the various rescue forums, and especially to everyone who has donated to Wiggle via the fundraising.

Amanda, our LRSE&C fundraising co-ordinator has told me that Wiggle has some sponsors so a big thank you to you too. If any of Wiggle's blog readers would like to sponsor Wiggle, or any of the other dogs who are receiving special care from LRSE&C, information can be found here:

Here's the special boy himself, posing proudly yesterday at the Dogs Party with his trophies:

Thank you to Ange (Minnie-Moo's mum) for the photo.


Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

Not surprising Wendy that you are keeping him.
How could you part with such a "special" dog?
I hope you both have many years of fun together.
Give Wiggle a BIG HUG from me....I am so pleased he has found his forever home.


Sarah and Bran said...

Fantastic news!! Of course, I never doubted for a second that you'd "fail" with the handsome lad. He's right where he needs to be - at home xxxx

The Chook Mob xx

Cara said...

Sorry about Dolly but glad Wiggle has found his forever home.

From failed foster