Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 91

After the excitement of his big day on Sunday, Wiggle has been having a quiet couple of days.

Although I've been at work the last few days I've noticed that Wiggle has been a little quieter than usual since Dolly left us. I'd not really appreciated how closely Wiggle had bonded with her and I think he's taken her death nearly as hard as I have. Hopefully though he'll be back to his usual happy, waggy self and less clingy to me. He's still getting plenty of cuddles and is choosing to sleep downstairs on the sofa with Sir H at night - probably because he comes upstairs and I remind him he's not allowed on the bed.

I somtimes wish I knew what went through Wiggle's mind. He's been here 3 months and so much has changed for him. Apart from the adventures he's had and other dogs he's met, he's certainly looking much better and is living the life of a normal family pet dog. I'm positive that Wiggle is happy but wonder if he ever realises how far he's come, from baldy, skinny dog with the sad face and droopy eyes to the healthy looking, shiney coated happy house dog he now is....

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