Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 99

Wiggle has had his bath today but despite baths being a regular occurance, he still stands looking very woeful and sad. He did give in to me talking in a silly way and gave me a kiss, but he likes me to know he's not impressed with being in the bath.

He was soon happy again when we went for our post bath walk and he chased his tennis ball. We met my neighbour who looks after the dogs when I'm at work so he played with her dog too. Sir H even had a little bounce and actually caught the tennis ball. Mind you, he was only standing a couple of feet away from me. He was rather confused though as to what he should do with the ball and bounced around a few times before dropping the ball.

Wiggle is worn out now and will probably be glad that I'm working tonight so he will get some peace and quiet.

I've been going through photo's from the day Wiggle arrived so come back tomorrow when there will be a special blog entry looking back on Wiggle's first 100 days here.


Auntie Mindy said...

Ooooh can't wait for tomorrows entry. Clever Sir H for catching the ball even if he didn't know what to do with it.


You really do have 2 "treasures" Wendy!
Both different but both so lovely.
Wiggle has come so far in the last 100 days, all credit due to you.
Can't wait for the pics tomorrow.
Hugs to both your handsome boys.