Monday, 8 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 82

Wiggle's had a quiet-ish weekend as Dolly is now at the specialist vets in Winchester waiting for her operation. Sir H and Wiggle came for the ride and we stopped off for a walk on the Downs on the way back. Wiggle ran and ran and chased his ball while Sir H pottered more sedately.

Since putting Wiggle back on the daily dose of Atopica he's been scratching a lot less, which is good. He's not due to see Bridget again, unless there's any significant changes but I'll try and remember to take him along to the vets this week and weigh him, just to see if he's put any more weight on. Hopefully he has, as he could still do with gaining a couple of kilo's but if he hasn't, I won't be too disappointed as Wiggle now gets so much exercise it wouldn't surprise me if he's burning off any extra weight!

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