Monday, 29 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 105

After all his activities at the weekend, Wiggle has been taking things easy this morning. After a lie in and then breakfast, he's been laying in the sunny spot....

We've been over to the vets in Melksham to get some more of his Atopica and while I was there, I popped Wiggle onto the scales. He's weighed in at 32.4kgs today, which is great news and just about right for his build. I knew he had filled out some more but after being so skinny when he arrived, its good that he's now reached a healthy weight. Wiggle eats well still but gets plenty of exercise too, so all being well he can now maintain that weight.

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He looks in peak condition Wendy.
All credit due to you and the TLC he has received.
Sending hugs for Wiggle and the very distinguished Sir H.