Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 83

Not too much to report today as I've been working nights so it's been quiet here. Wiggle does seem to have picked up on my mood and my worrying about Dolly. Her operation has apparently gone well but he's been a bit lost without herbut hopefully she will be home again very soon.

Rather than charging around with toys, Wiggle has been fairly quiet and comes and sits next to me, leaning against me. Sir H is his usual aloof self and has made the most of not having to share the sofa.

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Hi Wendy,
Thinking of you all tonight.
Hope Dolly Doodle has a comfy night and that she will be back with you very soon.
Poor Wiggle, he has taken to Dolly and is obviously missing her.
Sending healing thoughts and hugs to you all.