Thursday, 25 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 100 !!

Wiggle has been here for a whole 100 days!!!

As this feels like a milestone, I thought it would be good to look back and see how much he has gone through and changed in this time.

From the skinny, baldy, sad dog who arrived here on the 20th June:

Wiggle has enjoyed the home comforts of a nice squishy bed...

He's had fun running around, exploring the local countryside

Wiggle started swimming, even if his initial style was a little odd...

Gone for walks with new friends

Endured regular baths to heal his skin

Gained an older brother

Shredded lots of tennis balls....

Perfected the art of looking handsome:

Played with bubbles

Had skin testing to diagnose his allergies

Become part of a family, although sadly he had to say goodbye to Dolly far too soon

Got his own business cards

Learnt to swim properly!

Played with Bran, the flying puppy

Spent many happy hours fetching a ball

Suffered the indignity of wearing a dressing gown

And become the handsome, hairy, happy boy....

... who was named LRSE&C's Dog of the Year 2008

Thank you to everyone at LRSE&C who gave this boy a chance and to everyone who has supported him.

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What a lovely tribute to a very special boy!