Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 76

Fab news today from Wiggle - the very kind and generous people at Woof Beginnings, the online community, have made a donation of £100 to Wiggle's vet fund! There's a link to Woof Beginnings on the right of the screen, if you've not checked the forum out yet.

The donation is really very kind and also very welcome as to date Wiggle's vet bill is over £900. Combined with the mini auction held on The Refuge which raised £650, that will really make a huge difference to LRSE&C, so thank you very much indeed.

Today I needed to get more dog food so as the shop is on the way to where we walk by the river, the dogs came too. As soon as I parked outside the shop and opened the boot of the car, Wiggle jumped out and straight into the shop. The lovely lady in the shop was rather surprised to see Wiggle as he's not been in for a few weeks and she couldn't get over how different he was looking. Wiggle said hello and then set about sniffing everything and checking out the treats in store.

We then went for our walk and thankfully today Wiggle didn't feel the need to roll in any dead animals. He was far too busy with Dolly, running around chasing the tennis ball and going for a swim. Wiggle was very pleased with himself when he found a tennis ball in the grass but managed to lose it at some point on the way back to the car.

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