Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 77

This morning we met up with my friend Cheryl and her 3 dogs Ella, Lizzie and Henry for a walk at Coate Water in Swindon. All the dogs had a great time, running around, chasing each other and splashing about in the water. Well, all but Dolly and Henry who didn't want to get their feet wet! Sir H had a paddle but wasn't in the mood for swimming so Wiggle, Ella and Lizzie made sure at least 3 of the 6 dogs got nice and wet.

We stopped for a sit down on a bench with our coffee's for a chat while Sir H caught up on some sleep, obviously worn out watching the others running about. Wiggle managed to find something stinky to roll in - probably goose poo again. Yuk! Thankfully though he didn't get a chance for a full on roll around before I caught up with him and put him back on the lead. Just as well today is bath day for Wiggle.

Wiggle's had a bit of a blip with his skin. Since being on the reduced dose of Atopica he was doing fine but during the night he woke me up as he came upstairs and was rubbing his chest and tummy on the floor, so looks like he's not ready for the reduced dose just yet. Bridget the vet did say that if he shows signs of being more itchy then to up his doseage again, so I've started that today. Hopefully in a few days the higher dose will start to take effect and Wiggle will be scratching less.


Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

I just love this daily blog Wendy.
Wiggle is such a special boy and he is lucky to have canine friends like Dolly and that great distinguished old gent Sir H.
What a character he is!
Hugs to them all.

Sarah and Bran said...

Oh Wiggle! You are looking more and more handsome every time your "foster" mum posts new photos of you!

Once I have a car again, perhaps we can bring Bran along - with Flora, obviously (who promises to behave herself) - for a proper walk?

Big hugs to you and Doodle and Sir H.

Auntie Sarah xxx