Sunday, 28 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 104 - Birthday Weekend

As I posted earlier, today is Wiggle's birthday. He's had a very busy weekend of walking and swimming and munching on birthday pigs ears and playing with his new toy, a squeaky bear.

We went to the Neigh Bridge lake at the Cotswold Water Park which is smaller than the Keynes Park lake and had many more fishermen!! Wiggle thought there might be some picnic baskets to share but thankfully he was distracted by his tennis ball.

Sir H had a bit of a shock when he got in the lake and promptly sank head first. He surfaced quickly though and with help, was back on dry land. After that he was unsure of going in the water but eventually got the courage to go back in.

Wiggle spent ages and ages chasing after his ball, in and out of the water and then he and Sir H did a spot of synchronised swimming!

After lunch at the pub (for humans, not hounds) we stopped at Maude Heath for more running and in Sir H's case, a lie down.

Today the boys have had another lovely walk, this time on the Marlborough Downs. No water this time but plenty of ball fetching for Wiggle and interesting smells for Sir H to sniff.

All the excitement has worn both boys out - Wiggle is alseep on his bed with his new bear and Sir H is crashed out on the sofa....

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