Monday, 1 September 2008

Wiggle - Day 75

Wiggle has been down to the river for a walk today, before the sunshine was replaced by rain. He and Dolly had fun running around chasing each other and the tennis ball. Everything was going nicely until Wiggle found a very manky, deceased and flat hedgehog. Being a dog who likes vile things, he had to stop and roll in it.

Thankfully, he was close to the river so all it took to clean him up was me throwing the ball into the water. Sir H went in for a paddle but Dolly would not be persuaded to even get her feet wet.

Wiggle's pretty much stopped coughing now but will be on the anti-biotics for another couple of days to complete the course. So far, he's not been scratching so thats good as he has been on the Atopica every other day instead of daily to give the anti-biotics a chance to work. As Wiggle has been doing so well, I'll keep him on the Atopica every other day and see how he gets on.

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