Friday, 27 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 282

I've been working nights so it's been a quiet couple of days for the boys. I don't think Sir H minds getting so much sleep and Wiggle still gets to run around and play, so he's happy too.

Today Wiggle has had his Atopica dose reduced. After 15 days on the 100mg daily dose, he's now on 50mg every other day. Hopefully he'll continue to do ok on this lower dose for a while and his skin has definitely settled down again, so thats good news. Wiggle doesn't mind taking his tablet as he know's he gets his breakfast straight after, and being a typical Labrador, food is the most important thing in life!

Tomorrow we'll be going to collect Polly from kennels. We're going to meet up with Ange and Minnie-Moo for a walk after, so that should be nice for Polly to get out after a couple of weeks in the kennels. Wiggle and Minnie-Moo are great friends already so they will no doubt have fun when we go for a walk in the woods.

Wiggle is of course unaware of what's in store for tomorrow and currently chewing on a ragger toy!

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