Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 266

My poor dogs! Today I've been baking cheese & garlic dog cookies as I donated a couple of batches to the Refuge auction. I'd not made any for ages, since well before I lost my darling BumpyJake as the cookies were named afte him - Bumpy's Bakery. I had baked thousands of cookies and sold them at shows and online to raise funds for LRSE&C.

Of course poor Wiggle, Sir H and Pudding had to endure the torture of smelling the cookies baking and then to add insult to injury, they watched me pack them up to post out! I did make an extra batch though and they have each given the very definite slurp of approval.

Wiggle went for his blood tests this morning and was a very good boy. Needless to say, he and the others were overjoyed when we got home and they could at last have their breakfast. About 3 hours later than usual, so no doubt that verge's on starvation in Labrador hours.

To try and make up for the suffering my baking had caused them, we all went up to the Downs for a walk this afternoon. Wiggle and Pudding had great fun, charging around after the ball.

Sir H didn't chase the ball. Obviously.

This shot of Wiggle is not so flattering - the tree's in the background make his knowledge lump look bigger....

The pleading look to get the ball thrown......

.... which works!

Clearly, Wiggle is not impressed that Pudding beat him to the ball

My handsome boys

Pudding decides to plonk herself in the middle

Handsome boy, without the overgrown Knowledge Bump

Pudding brings the ball back, with Wiggle in pursuit.

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Minnie-Moo (Rescue Lab) said...

We hope Wiggle got on ok at the vets!

The biccies look yummy.

Muzzle asked did Pudding actually bring the ball back this time?!!