Monday, 16 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 271

We had a fab walk up on Maude Heath yesterday but I forgot the camera! Wiggle and Pudding did lots of running around and enjoyed being out in the sunshine and Sir H even trotted a long for a while, in between stopping to munch on some cow poo....

Today's entry brings some Pudding news - she's leaving us later this week. She was here as a foster but if I had bonded and felt she was the right girl for us, she could have stayed. There's no easy way to explain why I've not felt so attached to her and Pudding's been the perfect houseguest but she's just not "the one".

The good news for Pudding though is that at the weekend she will be off to her new home, along with Lacy who is her daughter and was given up to rescue at the same time.

I wish Pudding many happy years of fun and love in her new home.

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