Sunday, 1 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 256

We've been to London for the weekend to stay with Mindy and Paul and their boys, Toby and Beenzie. All the boys know each other but it was all new for Pudding.

She was very good though and apart from being a bit worried when we went for an evening walk up to the Common (London is a big, scary place for little Pudding!), she took it all in her stride.

This morning we all went off to Virginia Water for a walk around the lake. Pudding hasn't seen water since she's been here, but she was straight in the lake with Wiggle and Toby:

After lots of splashing around, it was time to run around, chasing tennis balls and checking the smells....

Sir H, walking past The Cascade:

More running, with flappy ears included!

Dogs having fun:

And getting wet!

Pudding chasing Wiggle who was chasing the ball

Sir H, pottering around in the background while Pudding drops the ball

Wherever Wiggle is, Pudding's usually not far behind!

Toby about to go in the water while Beenzie finds a big stick

Beenzie, looking very proud of his big stick

Pudding & Sir H, shaking off the water

The Yellow Boys & Pudding, splashing about

The Big Stick accompanied us for most of the walk:

Soggy Dog:

Pudding & Wiggle:

Beenzie & Stick:

Toby, wrestling with his own stick, but it was actually roots and therefore stayed in the lake!

Sir H stops for a drink

Pudding, in motion:


Wiggle & Pudding:

Toby, Pudding & Wiggle:

Last run around after the ball before we stopped for coffee. And a hot dog, shared between the five furry faces!

All three are absolutely worn out now and all dry after their lovely walk.

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