Thursday, 12 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 267

Sir H went to work today - he accompanied me on a homecheck. He wasn't much use to be honest, just going in the house and laying down for a sleep, pretty much ignoring the resident dog and children.

Wiggle and Pudding came along too but waited in the car. They enjoyed themselves as by the time Sir H and I got back to the car they had pushed the dog guard down and were both sitting on the front seats, Wiggle pretending to drive and Pudding probably thinking she was co-pilot.

The homecheck was all fine though and another LRSE&C dog will be off to a lovely new home in the next few days. On the way back, we stopped off on the Downs for a walk, despite the weather having turned rather drizzly and windy and the dogs all had a good run around.

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