Saturday, 21 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 276

Another sunny day here in Wiltshire. We've been out and about, first calling in on the parents. Next stop was a haircut for me and then a visit next door but one to Aunty Barbara at the pet shop. Wiggle got lots of fuss and treats and chose himself a new toy - a floating Air Kong on a rope.

Wanting to make the most of such a lovely day, we went to Coate Water for a walk. Wiggle wanted to play with his new toy while Sir H wanted to sniff things

Soon we were at the edge of the lake and Sir H decided to stand in the water for a while

While Wiggle was far too busy, fetching his new toy

I think Sir H may have been feeling sleepy....

No time to rest for Wiggle though

Wiggle, the long distance swimmer:

Coming back

Not far to go...

Brought it back!

And then a celebratory run around in the sunshine!

We walked on a bit further, stopping at the kiosk for coffee for me and Mini-Milk ice lollies for the boys. They went down well!

Wiggle checked out the spring flowers

Before running around some more

Sir H was in a cheeky mood and wanted to steal the frothy milk off the top of my latte!

Wiggle, just being handsome

More fetching, although the good weather had brought out the picnics, which Wiggle thought were for him!

After getting back, Wiggle went to bed. Except that this morning I took the covers off the beds to wash them....

This afternoon we've been out in the garden, doing some tidying and cutting the grass. Wiggle was being very helpful (not) by dropping his toy at my feet every few minutes. I suspect that there will be much snoring later after the boys busy day!

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