Sunday, 22 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 277

Spring is definitely in the air for Wiggle! Despite already having had a couple of walks today, including a walk across the fields which involved lots of chasing after his ball on a rope, Wiggle was still wanting to play in the garden this afternoon.

I'd taken down the temporary fence yesterday and cut the grass so Wiggle was keen to make the most of the good weather and spend some quality time outside with a toy. He started off quite calmly...

But soon realised the fling-ability of this afternoon's toy of choice.

After several attempts at trying to knock himself out, Wiggle has come over all tired and taken himself off to bed for a pre-dinner nap.

Sir H has had a quieter day, coming out with us but choosing to lay down and letWiggle do all the running around!

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