Friday, 20 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 275

After yesterdays beach walk, both boys were absolutely worn out. Wiggle was especially tired and spent most of the evening like this:

They've had a quieter day today although Sir H has had to go to the vets. One of his ears is sore and has been bleeding so as soon as I noticed, I made the appointment and off we went to see Alison. After a thorough check of both ears, the sore ear is actually ok but its possible Sir H got some sand in it yesterday and has been scratching, making it inflammed. He now has some drops and all being well, will be feeling more comfortable in a few days.

As I took both boys to the vets and it's close to the river in town we stopped there for a walk after. Wiggle spent most of the day sleeping so was chasing around after his ball, in and out of the water. Sir H was just happy to get in and wallow for a while.

After being dried off when we got home, Wiggle and Sir H are now fast asleep and not expected to move much for the rest of the evening....

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