Monday, 2 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 257

The Refuge auction started last night so while I spent the evening sorting things for that, Wiggle, Pudding & Sir H slept off their lovely long walk as they were all quite tired yesterday.

Today we've had some lovely sunshine and we decided it was too good to waste such a lovely day so met up with Ange & Rob with Minnie Moo and Max for a walk on The Downs.

I'd already taken all 3 out in the morning but Sir H was still very tired and chose to stay on his bed, so just Wiggle & Pudding with me, but they were enjoying themselves while we waited for the others to arrive.

Once we'd all met up, we walked up through the tree's and along the ridge of the hill. Minnie Moo chased her ball on a rope while Wiggle and Pudding chased after their tennis ball:

Max remembered his friends and was soon running around, playing with Pudding and Wiggle

We ended up chucking 3 balls around and they kept on swapping and chasing each other although each time Pudding got the ball, she dropped it and Wiggle brought it back!

Four very happy Labs:

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