Saturday, 14 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 269

We've had a lovely afternoon on the Downs, making the most of the sunshine here today. Wiggle & Pudding were of course doing what most dogs do, charging around after a ball..

Although Pudding is getting better at bringing the ball back, she's not so good at keeping hold of it!

So Wiggle fetches the ball while Pudding runs back to me.

Pudding throws herself at the ball; fortunately Wiggle wasn't in the way!

Wiggle & Pudding

An interesting smell distracts Pudding while Wiggle just wants to give the ball back

Sir H watches the youngsters, from his horizontal position

Then finds another spot to lie and watch...

Wiggle in the sunshine

But after a quick rest, its time to chase the ball some more

Another quick rest:

Just being handsome ;)

Sir H moved - to roll around!

While Wiggle & Pudding were still playing ball!

Demonstrating how I get their attention for a head-on shot!

You may remember me mentioning the different companies who kindly donated the recent auction on The Refuge, well one of the companies, Deeply Clean, donated a few items and one of them was their Doggy Dry Towel. As Wiggle still has regular baths, I was keen to try it out as we get through loads of towels. I won that item and today Wiggle has his bath when we got home and we used the towel for the first time - it was great! You can put your arms though the sides of the towel and it really makes it easier drying Wiggle. In no time at all, he was nearly dry and we only used this one towel instead of the usual 3 or 4.

Wiggle doesn't normally "endorse" products but the Doggy Dry Towel definitely gets the paws up from us!

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