Thursday, 19 March 2009

Wiggle - Day 274

We went to Wales today to take Pudding back to the rescue. I was very sad to say goodbye and Pudding was very confused as to what was going on but I'm sure that it didn't take her long to catch up with her friends who she left behind and at the weekend she will be going to her lovely new home. We did have extra cuddles this morning in bed and knowing how outgoing and confident Pudding is, I don't think she will take long to settle in her new home.

After dropping Pudding off, the boys and I met up with our friend Phebe and her dog, Wispa. We'd arranged to go for a walk on the beach so we headed off to Cefn Sidan beach. The weather has been absolutely fantastic - clear blue skies, warm sun and hardly a breeze so we couldn't have had a nicer day for a spring beach walk.

The beach is lovely, seven miles long and even though there were other walkers, most of the time it felt like we were the only ones there. Here's a lot of photo's of our day.

Wiggle was keener to play with his ball than appreciate the scenery!

Before long though, he was running up and down with Wispa

Wispa & Wiggle:

Despite all 3 having been out earlier in the day, Wispa and Wiggle had bags of energy

Sir H, as usual, decided on a slower pace, which involved finding interesting sea smells

Wiggle and Wispa didn't have time to sniff, they were too busy playing

Sir H went in the sea - to have a lay down!

Wiggle & Pudding were too busy playing though

Play stopped temporarily....

Sir H showing off his sandy bum:

More running:


Wiggle goes for a dip:

Wispa tries flying

And is rather good at it!

Wiggle, with his ball, as always

Being chased by Wispa:

Wispa stalked some crows.....

Before choosing one to chase!

Wiggle The Soggy Sea Dog:

No time to stop!

Sandy faced Wiggle

The after effects of diving into the sand to get the ball

Heading back up the dunes to the car:

We really did have a lovely walk. I don't know whether the boys have been to the beach before but we'll definitely be going again.

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