Monday, 15 June 2009

Wiggle - Walk at Shearwater

Today we went down to Shearwater to meet up with Ange & Rob and Minnie-Moo and Max. I didn't think Sir H would want to come as he's not so bothered about long walks but he plonked himself in front of the door and refused to budge, so he came too!

Wiggle and Minnie didn't hang around and were quick to run off to explore:

Sir H was very happy indeed to find a nice, muddly puddle!

Minnie, Max and Wiggle, all having fun:

Sir H brings up the rear....

Wiggle, without a ball in his mouth for a change - he decided the smells were too interesting and needed his full attention!

Sir H and Wiggle, getting even muckier!

Sir H, happy to be in muddy water:

Minnie and Max, with Wiggle way back down the path - just a blob in the distance!

Wiggle, catching us up:

Max and Wiggle - doing boys stuff!

Wiggle, still sniffing:

Sir H, almost running!

After walking through the woods we came to a part of the lake without fishermen. Wiggle went in after his ball, but as it was split, it sank! He spent ages trying to find it, but sadly the ball is lost somewhere....

Sir H cooled down for a while....

While Wiggle was still looking for the lost ball:

Giving up on the ball, Wiggle found a stick instead:

But then settled for some swimming:

Sir H found a tree stump and decided to strike a post - all artistic!

We all enjoyed the walk and will definitelt go there again. It was lovely that Max remembered my boys and he clearly loves to run around with Wiggle - especially great as Max can be nervous around some dogs.

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Anonymous said...

I have a dog Oscar who loves swimming and recently moved to Warminster. I am desperate to find somewhere he can swim as he recently had a knee op so am very wary of him getting his excersise chasing a ball on land. Everytime I look up anything about Shearwater I read that dogs must be kept on leads around the lake. I was therefore wondering if you were flouting the regulations or whether or not there are lakes dogs are allowed in? Thanks!