Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Wiggle - Day 376

As it's been so warm again we've just had a quick walk first thing and saved our longer walk for this evening.

Up on the Downs, Wiggle was ready to play fetch:

And fetch he did!

All this space to ourselves!

Sir H is propelled by his ears:

And then decides that a roll in the grass is in order!

Wiggle, handsome as ever, bless him.

More running.....

While Sir H is worn out .....

.... but then manages to look a little more awake for a photo with Wiggle:

Wiggle, chasing after his ball:

Yesterday afternoon the boys had fun in their paddling pool. Wiggle decided that he wanted to get the toys that didn't float, so spent ages pawing at his rubber bone:

Eventually though, he decided the best way was to go in head first!

Sir H had a wallow to cool down:

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