Monday, 22 June 2009

Wiggle - Day 368, Walk to the White Horse

We've been up to the Cherhill White Horse. I've not been up there for years and as it's been a nice day and not too hot, decided to take Wiggle for a walk up to the top of the hill.

The white horse, as seen from the road:

At the end of the land leading to the path:

Wiggle was exploring:

Getting near to the top, Wiggle stopped to admire the view:

Looking across over the Downs, towards Silbury Hill:

And the view the other way:

Wiggle stops for a rest, with the Lansdowne Monument in the background:

After walking along the ridge and past the monument, Wiggle stops to look back across to the White Horse:

I think Wiggle was glad of the rest!

Back to the start of the walk. The sign was wonky, not my camera!!

We thoroughly enjoyed our walk, even if it was rather steep at times, but the view was worth it!

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