Monday, 29 June 2009

Wiggle on the Web!

Wiggle is getting around a bit!

The lovely people at Labradors Worldwide have added Wiggle to the gallery - along with Sir H and Guinness, Poppy, Bumpy and Dolly. Check out the photo's on the gallery:

After joining Twitter a while back, Wiggle has been nominated for the Tweetwall UK Animal Tweeters board - you can vote for him here:

Just click on the cross next to his photo!

Some of Wiggle's Twitter pals are on there to, so we've been voting for them as it would be unfair of me to vote for Wiggle!

Wiggle has had his own Facebook Fan Page for a while now and as of this morning, Wiggle now has his own unique URL:

While Wiggle is still on his Atopica medication it's important to keep promoting him where I can and publicise the excellent work done by LRSE&C as without them, Wiggle wouldn't be the boy he is now.

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