Sunday, 28 June 2009

Wiggle at Big Doggie Do, Day 2!

We've had another fab day at the Big Doggie Do in Milton Keynes. Once again, we were helping out at the Dogstar stall for the day, but we still had time to enjoy ourselves.

Sir H, waggling his paw while wearing his pink bandana. He liked it so much, he wore it all night!

Noah took advantage of some combined roaching/sunbathing:

Wiggle and Sir H spent the afternoon in the company of the lovely Fleur, who belongs to our friend Marian:

Earlier in the day, Angela who runs Dogs in Training, held an agility workshop where absolute beginners could have a go. So, we did!

As you can see, Wiggle took to it very quickly and I love these photo's Sam took, especially these of Wiggle jumping to me:

Wiggle jumps back the other way, watched by Noah and Aishling:

Me, encouraging Wiggle through one of the tunnels.....

Here he is!!

Big hug for doing so well:

Going through the other tunnel:

Up on the A-frame:

After counting up the money, the Dogstar stall raised £260, which will pay for 20 animals to be sterilised and 60 vaccinated against Rabies, so a fantastic amount to enable Sam, Mark, Mo and the other volunteer's to continue their work in Sri Lanka.

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Anonymous said...

Sir H looks so handsome in his pink bandana! The agility looks like great fun, I'm going to have to give it a go.. some of my poodle friends do it & mum read that it's good for back leg awareness. Weird.. I'm aware that I have 4 legs.. don't know what she's on about! Teagan x