Saturday, 27 June 2009

Wiggle at the Big Doggie Do!

We're in Milton Keynes! We've had a great day at the Big Doggie Do and the event is on again tomorrow:

Here's Wiggle at the Dogstar Foundation stall:

Some of the info on the Dogstar stall:

Wiggle entered the dog show, in the Best Rescue class - he came second!

Winner of the Best Rescue was a very gorgeous Collie girl called Molly who'd had a front leg amputated. A very worthy winner who had been adopted by her family from Birmingham Dogs Home. Well done Molly!

Later in the day, Noah came along but having had to walk to the show, decided it was time for a rest:

Sam put bandanna's on the boys - Sir H was wearing pink. And he seemed to really rather like it!

Back at Dogstar HQ, Sir H was ready for a wallow and didn't wait for Mark to finish filling Noah's pool!

Sir H, still in his bandanna, enjoying a good wallow:

A little later, we headed off for a walk in the woods. Wiggle and Noah did some running around:

Sir H stopped for a lie down in the grass. Still wearing his pink bandanna!

Meanwhile, Wiggle and Noah were still running around....

At one point, Sir H had a little trot and even tried to catch up Wiggle and Noah! Sadly, he didn't.

We've all had a lovely day so far and the boys are all worn out now. We'll be back at the show tomorrow and look forward to another good day in the sunshine.

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