Monday, 8 June 2009

Wiggle - Bowood Show Weekend

Sorry about the mix up in day numbers! Here's an update from our busy weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, Mindy and her boys arrived. Toby and Beenz had a splash in the pool:

Then Beenz was out and Wiggle was in:

Then Wiggle and Toby were both out again!

Toby decided that he needed to dig:

This was rather unfortunate as Toby dug a hole in the pool itself, so the pool is no more!

After that splashing & pool emptying, we went up to the Downs for a walk and to meet up with Rob & Ange and Minnie Moo. Wiggle wanted to play ball, so waited patiently:

Minnie Moo was running around like a loon with her ball:

Toby & Wiggle, both fetching their tennis balls:

Sir H had a roll in the grass:

Wiggle did lots of jumping and catching:

Beenz pottered around while Toby stopped for a rest:

Sir H did some running!!! Only for a few paces, but it was good for him:

Wiggle was still chasing his ball:

Meanwhile, Beenz was trying to hide in the long grass!

After a good night's sleep and an early start, we were up to the show ground at Bowood. Sir H was overwhelmed with it all and decided to spend some time in Sam & Mark's car:

Wiggle & Sir H, being good boys at the show:

Sam helps Wiggle after he'd got himself tangled up:

Later in the day, the Chippenham Town Morris dancers stopped by and Wiggle had his photo taken with them:

We had a lovely weekend and Wiggle was an absolute star at the show. He was our official Labrador Rescue Meeter & Greeter and got to meet lots of lovely people. As the weather hadn't been so good overnight, there didn't seem to be as many visitors to the show as last year but we had a good day anyway.

Wiggle had a go in the dog show and even won a rosette in the Gundog class. Considering how poor his condition was a year ago, we were chuffed to bits!

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