Friday, 5 June 2009

Wiggle - Day 352

Wiggle has been doing his best to look cute:

And the reason for such a look of concentration? His hoopie!

After we read that Wiggle's Twitter buddy Teagan lost her hoopie, we're trying our best not to lose this one!

We hope you find your hoopie soon, Teagan!

After Wiggle's hoopie had to be removed from his mouth as he was trying to eat it, we were going to have a game of tuggy with the Kong Wubba. Wiggle had other idea's though, and went a bit mad......

Thankfully, Wiggle didn't knock himself out!

We've got an exicting weekend planned - our friends Sam & Mark from Dogstar, along with Noah and Mindy and her boys, Toby & Beenz are arriving tomorrow afternoon to stay the night. It's the Bowood Dog Show on Sunday (link on the right of this page) and we're having a LRSE&C stall while Sam & Mark have a Dogstar stall.

The weather forecast isn't looking so great but we're hoping to have a good day regardless.

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