Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Wiggle - Day 349

Wiggle and Sir H have been enjoying their pool again today.

Sir H mostly likes to lay down and wallow....

Sometimes use the pool as a sit-in waterbowl!

Or just to look snooty!

Wiggle likes to play ball in and out of the pool, so rather than wallowing, he boings in and out of the water

Sir H doesn't do boinging, so was considering making his exit..

You'd have thought Sir H would look a little happier!

The dogwalker has been coming in to see the boys while I've been at work but as it's too warm for lunchtime walkies, she's been checking on them, giving them their treats and playing with Wiggle. I'd left toys floating in the pool this morning but they were all out by the time I got home, so Wiggle has been keeping himself amused, in between sleeping, of course!

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