Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Wiggle - Walk & Wallow on Maude Heath

Today I needed some dog food so we headed over to Chippenham and got the shopping done. On the way back we stopped at Maude Heath for a walk. I thought it would be just an ordinary kind of walk, but I was proved wrong....

It started off fine, with Wiggle waiting patiently for me to throw the ball:

Happiness is..... Wiggle and his ball.

Looking a little daft!

Boys together, sitting in front of the lovely view:

Sir H watches while Wiggle runs around:

The boys found a muddy puddle....

Which was cause for much joy on Sir H's part!

Nicely muddy..

Then, Sir H found another puddle.

Sir H, settling down for a nice wallow:

Looking very chilled in his puddle!

Wiggle didn't have time for wallowing, he was far too busy with his ball

Muddy boys!

And Sir H actually looking quite happy for a change

Wiggle, after ducking his snout in the mud. Strange boy!

A last run around before heading back to the car:

Both boys have had a bath since getting home. Sir H was absolutely covered in mud! Wiggle was due a bath anyway, although he'd got fairly dirty too.

Sir H is in the garden, sulking after having had all that mud cleaned off him.....

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