Thursday, 30 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 316

Wiggle is perfect!

Well, he's the perfect weight for his build. We've been to the vets today as Sir H was due his vaccination booster. While we were there, Wiggle got on the scales as I had been worried a few weeks back that he was looking a little too well. The good news is that he's gone from's down to 33.2kg's, and after being checked over by the vet, declared as a perfect weight.

Sir H had a checkover too, and is absolutely fine. His weight is also about right, especially for a dog so inactive!

Even though we'd been for a walk on the Downs before we went to the vets, Wiggle was still very boingy and wanted to say hello to everyone. Even though he didn't actually having anything done today, he still got a treat!

In other news, Wiggle now has his own fan page on Facebook. To find Wiggle on Facebook, just search for Wiggle the Dog.

Hopefully it will be another way to highlight the fantastic work of LRSE&C in getting Wiggle to be the picture of health that he is today.

We've sold a few raffle tickets for the Bowood Show, which is great news. As Wiggle is still on medication, every little helps, especially when there are other dogs with LRSE&C who also need veterinary treatment.

If you missed the details of how to win tickets to the show, there's more info here:

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