Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 315

As I finished nights this morning and had a shorter sleep, we headed off to the Downs this afternoon for our walk. Sir H was dawdling, although I suspect hoping to gain extra speed using ear-power!

Wiggle just wanted to play ball:

Sir H, taking things at his own pace:

There's no slow pace for Wiggle!

He only stops to wait for me to throw the ball:

Sir H picked up his pace, although that was probably less intentional and more likely due to the downhill direction of the path we took!

Sir H stopped to admire the view:

While Wiggle was still running around with his ball...

Sir H, in his preferred position

While Wiggle was still pouncing on the ball:

Sir H did move - to have a roll in the grass!

Wiggle in the sunshine:

And with the wind in his ears!

Two happy, handsome boys:

Wiggle is not so happy now that we're home - he's had his bath! He still has them every couple of weeks yet still sulks after!

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