Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 314

I've been working nights so the boys have been having a quiet few days. Wiggle still thinks he'll be allowed up on the bed with me if he sits staring at me for long enough, but when I tell hin he's not joining me, he goes off downstairs in a sulk!

Sir H is going to the vets later this week for his booster so Wiggle will be coming along too, just so I can check his weight. I think he's lost a little but that could just be my imagination!

I saw a news report yesterday from the RSPCA saying that the credit crunch was affecting pets too. Sadly, the number of animals abandoned in England and Wales has increased hugely, up by 57%.


Very sad news indeed, especially as the RSPCA is only one rehoming charity - there are hundreds of smaller rescues out there, like LRSE&C, who are also having dogs given up to them......

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