Sunday, 5 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 291

We've been over to the Cotswold Water Park today to meet up with some friends for a walk. The weather has been great - warm and sunny so we couldn't have picked a better day.

After the first on-lead bit of the walk, we were off around the lake and Sir H wasted no time in having a wallow. Freddie Bassett wasn't entirely sure what he was doing though so went to check on him:

Despite not hitting it off when they met at the camping weekend last year, Wiggle and Saffy are now officially an item! When we walked at Westonbirt before Christmas, they got on well but today, after spending lots of time chasing around after the ball, in and out of the water, they proved to be inseperable

Wiggle & Sid, gorgeous Oldies Club boy who I love rather a lot. Sid is very curly coated and reminds me an awful lot of Bumpy.

Wiggle, splashing around with Freddie

Cherry gets wet, while Wiggle wants the ball

Saffy & Wiggle with Sid nearest the camera:

Back on dry land

Sir H, who is now in love with Spike!

More running around

Wiggle & Saffy. Again!

We really did have a lovely walk and all the dogs got on brilliantly. Us humans stopped for a chat and sit in the sun after but Wiggle and Saffy were still running around, in and out of the water. Wiggle is absolutely worn out!

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