Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 287

The last few days have been a bit busy here and it's now just the boys and I again. Polly went back to kennels yesterday after I had to make the decision that we weren't the right foster home for her.

Polly really is a lovely dog but she has some serious issues with food which resulted in a small scrap breaking out between her and Wiggle, after Polly went for him while he was next to me when I was putting Polly's food bowl down. Wiggle stood his ground and in an effort to defend himself, bit my hand. Admittedly, I did pull hin back from Polly but poor Wiggle was absolutely mortified that he'd hurt me.

Bearing in mind how skinny Wiggle and neglect Wiggle was when he first arrived here last year, he has never had any issues around food and I'm not prepared to let him become defensive of his food or having feeding times become stressful.

On the plus side, we now know more about Polly in terms of how she is when left, that she travels well, is good with other dogs when there is no food, is good with children that she met on walks and is not destructive. While Polly is in kennels we will be looking for a home for her, and hopefully it won't be too long before she has a comfy bed of her own.

The boys are happy to have me to themselves again and this afternoon we've been up on the Downs for a nice walk. Well, Wiggle did all the walking and running around while Sir H just found interesting smells and comfy patches of ground to have lie down.

I took a few photo's and thought this one of Wiggle was nice, until I noticed the bit of grass hanging out of his mouth!

Wiggle didn't care about such trivial matters and was happy to run around in the sun with his ball

And look handsome in the sunshine

Sir H was dawdling, but seemed to be powered by Ear Flapping when he tried to catch us up!

Wiggle, doing his best attempt at a kangaroo impression

Although soon he was back to proper, dog-like running

Sir H, taking things at his own pace

Whereas 'slow' wasn't an option for Wiggle

Overcome with the excitement of it all, Sir H collapsed

While Wiggle was making the most of having all the space to himself

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