Friday, 3 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 289

The boys are having a good day today. My work shifts had been changed so I'm working tonight instead of being on days so we've been busy, running errands and getting things done.

After our morning walk we went over to Chippenham for me to get some bits and pieces and then on to Jollyes, the pet shop. Wiggle found that VERY exciting especially when he found the Bonio Buffet! I'm ashamed to say that he did help himself to a few biscuits as we were shopping but to be fair, the bins of treats are at floor level....

On the way back we stopped off at Maude Heath for a walk. It's been a foggy day here so far so only a few photo's - black dogs in misty weather aren't the best combination!

Sir H found part of a small animal skull and had to have that removed from his mouth after I realised he was chomping on something he shouldn't have been chomping on. Despite Sir H's general lack of interest in anything other than food and sleeping, he does have his moments!

Wiggle was far too busy running around though

Sir H plodded

While Wiggle did more running.

Since getting home, I've been baking - pilchard cake for the boys. I don't think I've made it since Wiggle has been here but all dogs seem to love it so I had Wiggle sitting in the kitchen, watching me mix the cake and he and Sir H licked the bowl out after. Fortunately, I do have a mixing bowl just for dog recipes!

The boys are now sleeping while they wait for their cake to finish baking. I've told them they can only have a little bit today as I'll be taking the rest when we meet up with some friends for a walk on Sunday.

And now the sun has come out, Wiggle and Sir H have been out in the sunshine, enjoying the fresh air

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