Sunday, 19 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 305

Today we all headed off to South Wales to meet up with friends for a walk on the beach at Ogmore by Sea. The weather was beautiful so we couldn't have had a better day for our walk.

Sir H headed for the sea and started off with a wallow:

Wiggle was chasing his ball around in the sea:

Soon Wiggle was playing with his new friend, Kevin:

Soggy Wiggle:

Wiggle in the water, with Riley paddling:

Lots of dogs!

Wiggle, with his ball and some attractive dribble!

My boys, heading off in different directions:

Mindy and all the Labs

Wiggle & Riley, wall chasing buddies:

Sian, mum to Riley and Kevin, being mugged for treats:

Noah, running around in the sunshine:

Kevin, Wiggle & Riley:

Sir H, underwhelmed, as usual!

Wiggle & Riley, again

We really have had a lovely weekend, seening lots of friends and having great walks. All the dogs got on brilliantly and Wiggle & Sir H haven't moved much since we got home this afternoon!

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