Sunday, 19 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 304

We've had a very busy weekend! On Friday we went up to Derbyshire as I was staying with friends of mine to celebrate their birthdays. As they have cats and Wiggle isn't good with cats, I'd booked the boys into Ash Farm Kennels. The boys stayed last year and were very excited to be back again.

After collecting Wiggle and Sir H yesterday morning, we were back home in the afternoon as we were having visitors - Mindy and her boys Toby & Beenz and Sam & Mark with their Lurcher, Noah. Sam and Mark are the founders of Dogstar so it was lovely to catch up with the news from Sri Lanka, especially about Bumpy and Sri Lankan Wiggle.

As it was such a lovely day we took all the dogs for a walk on the Downs. Noah seemed to enjoy all the space to loon around:

Wiggle was running around with his tennis ball:

Sir H stopped for a lie down while Sam took photo's:

Toby running around:

Lots of space!!!

Beenz took a more leisurely pace:

Just like Sir H:

Although I suspect the downhill slope, along with the power of flappy ears may have speeded up Sir H!

Toby going for the ball:

After that downhill running, Sir H needed another lie down:

Wiggle didn't have time to slow down:

Noah didn't want to walk with us - he was stalking crows!

Noah made himself at home in the evening!

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