Friday, 17 April 2009

Wiggle - Day 303

Today marks the day a year ago that Sir H came home. I hadn't really been looking for another dog but Bumpy, despite having recently started chemotherapy for his cancer was poorly and I knew Dolly couldn't live as an only dog. One day, while looking on the LRSE&C database, I saw Henry's profile and decided to find out more about him.

Henry had been in one of our foster homes after coming into rescue due to his owners marriage breakup. I took Dolly and we went over Northampton way to meet him. Needless to say, when I met Henry, I didn't know then that he would be such a grumpy old thing but Dolly took to him straight away so he came home with us.

The first few days weren't so good for Henry as Bumpy's health suddenly deteriorated and I spent most of the weekend back and forth to the vets and then sadly, on the Monday, Bumpy couldn't fight the cancer any more.

When I posted about Henry on the Refuge forum, one of the members, Nettie, said that he looked very distinguished and aloof and should be a Sir, so Sir H stuck!

Since being here, Wiggle arrived and we sadly lost Dolly. Pudding and Polly foster dogs came and went and Sir H has not shown much interest in anything at all, not even our adventures like weekends away, camping and lovely walks.

Here's some photo's from Sir H's first year with me.

With Dolly, a couple of days after coming home:

Little Henry & Big Henry:

Wallowing in mud, Bowood in June:

Once Wiggle had arrived, having some boy time on the sofa:

Lined up neatly with Dolly & Wiggle:

Sir H becomes a hippo:

Getting wet with Wiggle:

Taking it easy, while out on a walk!

Frosty evening in the Lake District:

With Wiggle and Toby & Beenz, Virginia Water:

Sir H, The Sweater Model:

Snooty Sir H:

Ready for his close up!

Out and about with Wiggle & Pudding:

More wallowing:

Snow rolling:

Sharing the treats, Bradford on Avon:

The Gay Paw, extended nicely at Virginia Water:

More rolling:

With his new special friend, the love of his life, Spike!

Happy First Gotcha Day Sir H! You're a grumpy old thing, but we do love you!

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Melita (Woof Beginnings) said...

What a character your boy is Wendy.
I think he is great!
Hugs from me