Friday, 1 May 2009

Wiggle - Day 317

We've been out visiting today. We went over to Malmesbury to see a lovely lady called Val. After chews for the boys and a coffee and chat for us humans, we went for a lovely walk down by the river.

Wiggle was in the water, enjoying a swim in the sunshine

Sir H was happy to wallow

While Wiggle didn't have time to stay still and had lots of fun in the river

Back on dry land, Sir H pottered while Wiggle was still playing fetch

Lots of running around for Wiggle!

Sir H preferred to dry off in the sunshine

Wiggle thought that running around in the sun was a more effective way to get dry!

In other news, Wiggle is now a poster boy! Regular readers may remember that we went to the Nadder Valley show in the summer last year, well this year, Helen is organising the show again and Wiggle features on the posters

Here's more information about the event:

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