Friday, 15 May 2009

Wiggle - Day 331

More rain today but thankfully not as much as we had during the night. We were lucky and got our walk on the Downs in betwen showers. Wiggle didn't hang around and was running up the path through the trees:

Sir H was taking his usual, slower pace!

There's a lovely patch of Bluebells in the wood, so I got Wiggle to sit for a photo:

But as you can see, Sir H was less impressed with the floral display!

We almost lost the ball, but being a good retriever, Wiggle had a thorough search through the grass....

... until he had the ball firmly in his mouth once more

As you know, Sir H doesn't take part in such activities and had his usual roll in the grass, although he did end up with a rather soggy head!

We're going to have a quiet evening tonight as tomorrow I will be getting up early to take the parents to the airport. They are off to Barbados for their holidays and to see my aunt and uncle (hello David & Nadean!!!) and they have a special little fella accompanying them - Sirius from the Dogstar Foundation.

Sirius is an international globe trotting ambassador for Dogstar. You can read about his adventures in his blog:

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