Thursday, 21 May 2009

Wiggle - Day 337

The boys have had a quieter day today while I've been at work but after this evening's walk, Wiggle is now completely worn out! We stopped on the green on the way home for him to play fetch and he met a lovely Chocolate Lab called Cookie. They had good fun chasing the ball and each other.

Sir H had a roll in the grass.

Some kids had been playing nearby and wanted to say hello to the dogs and before long, they were throwing the ball around. One of them said he was frightened of dogs but he had a chat with Sir H and was soon making a fuss of him.

Sir H has now taken himself to bed after all that excitement while Wiggle is cooling down outside...

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog Wiggle.. wish my mum could get her act together to do mine every day! Great link to the doggy towel too.. I've got a tiny one from when I was a little pup but that big one looks really great so I'm gonna get her to buy me one. Wags, Teagan x