Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Wiggle - Day 329

After all the nice weather, its been a dull and drizzly day here. That didn't stop the boys having a good time earlier when we stopped off after visiting the parents.

Wiggle wasn't put off and did lots of running around...

Sir H stopped for a lie down

And then decided a roll around in the damp grass was in order!

Wiggle leads the way....

While Sir H brings up the rear

Interesting smells to be sniffed:

Clearly Sir H found a blade of grass that was VERY interesting!

There's a Wiggle in there somewhere....

Found his way out of the long grass!

Remember when we went to the Lake District last year and went for a lovely walk with George and Archie? Well today is little Archie's 6th birthday - happy birthday Archie, we hope you have a fab day! We hear you'll be having steak for dinner, you lucky boy!

1 comment:

Marion said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes aunty Wendy, Wiggle and Sir H. Mum is just going to cook my steak for me now - medium rare, just how I like it.
Lots of love from Archie xxx